Why Should You Join a Coursera Online Course?

coursera online course – Many trusted sources predict that the eLearning market will reach $240 billion by the end of this year. Millions of parents choose online classes to provide their kids best learning opportunities. Students and many working people are enrolling in online education programs to learn valuable work skills.

Why do people seem more inclined towards online education than traditional methods? Will e-learning replace traditional institutions in future?

One cannot be sure about how future institutions will teach students. However, people started trusting eLearning platforms because they have met learners’ expectations. Platforms like Coursera help students complete many college programs and skill-improvement programs offered by top institutes and universities.

What is a Coursera online course? Can you trust this platform to find a better career path? Does Coursera provide legitimate degree and certification programs? Continue reading to reveal the answers!

What is Coursera Online Course?

Coursera is a renowned massive open online course provider. Andrew Ng and Daphne Keller were computer science professors at Stanford University when they founded this platform. Now, this eLearning platform collaborates with several universities to provide online degrees, certificates, and other courses.

Coursera has partnered with 150 universities and it has over 7,000 courses to offer. It is one of the world’s largest online education platforms that offer free and paid courses. This platform has more than 92 million registered users and over 189 million enrollments.

It has become a one-stop destination for finding advanced courses in several academic areas. Students praise this platform for the support and content it offers. Several free e-learning programs and skill-improvement courses make Coursera an attractive platform to learn from industry experts.

How Does Coursera Work?

Coursera is offering 4-12 weeks long courses to choose from. You get 1-2 hours long video lectures weekly and that’s enough to learn all the lessons efficiently. You get quizzes, projects, assignments, and exercises to test your knowledge. Some courses require a final project or exam to test students’ knowledge.

Many on-demand Coursera online courses permit you to learn at your pace. Flexible class schedules and no particular time limit make these programs quite beneficial for busy people.

This platform is adding new on-demand courses every year. Pick the category and then you can reveal the entire list of courses. Coursera is offering certification programs and degree programs from several reputed universities. If you want to get a degree from a prestigious university, you should check the program cost and then join it.

You can join Coursera for free and then search for eLearning programs in your favorite field. Join the course once you find your favorite one. Now, this platform will welcome you and start your training. Follow the same procedure whenever you want to join a new course.

What are the Perks of Joining a Coursera Online Course?

The following perks make Coursera online courses beneficial for learners from all over the world:

  • A chance to join learning programs from the leading universities!

This eLearning platform has collaborated with more than 200 top universities. It provides those courses and eLearning programs to interested students. If you want to join a certification course or degree program from a reputable university, you should join Coursera!

This organization has also collaborated with Stanford University, IBM, Imperial College, and Google to develop some unique online courses. You can choose programs, such as digital marketing, data science, machine learning, etc. to develop new work skills. Get certified and you will be a prime candidate for a top-paying job!

  • Cost-effective certification and degree programs

As mentioned earlier, Coursera provides certificates and degrees from many reputed universities. If you will go for campus-based courses, it will cost a hefty fee and living expenses. This eLearning platform offers the same program at affordable prices.

You can stay at home, focus on your ongoing job, and learn online to get the degree or certificate. That’s a major advantage for overseas students!

  • Free courses

Even though Coursera is a reliable platform to find the best eLearning courses, it may take time to trust it for quality education. Therefore, it provides over 2,000 free courses. Those free courses can significantly improve your knowledge and prepare you for many freelancing jobs.

There will be no certificate, but you will gain skills that companies demand to promote employees faster. You won’t need online tutors when you will get free classes for many technical and non-technical programs. Upgrade to certification programs and you can get proof of expertise in the chosen field!

  • Top-quality learning material

This platform provides unlimited access to course materials. Besides, the leading experts from the leading universities teach online. You get the best content and support online to learn faster and become a master of the chosen field.

Coursera consistently adds new topics and information to share knowledge about the latest innovations. You will always have something new to learn related to your field!

Who Should Join Coursera Online Course?

Anyone, who is looking for free online courses and certificates or degree programs from prestigious universities, can join Coursera. There are only a few eLearning platforms that offer such support and Coursera is the best among them!

You should join this platform now if you want:

  • Free courses
  • Job-related skill improvement programs
  • Professional certificate
  • Affordable specialization programs
  • Learn the latest skills in your field

You can easily find jobs with appealing salaries and get quick promotions if you choose Coursera to hone your work skills.

Does Coursera Provide Programs for Freelance Jobs?

Coursera teaches how to establish and grow a freelancing business. It provides guidance for launching and promoting freelance businesses. If it’s not for you, offer your services to other freelancers. Help them grow their business and you can earn a lot from home-based online jobs.


The world’s best universities have chosen Coursera to serve knowledge-seekers from all over the world. Tech giants, such as Google, IBM, etc. are collaborating with this company to develop the best skill improvement programs. It has a lot to offer and you can learn everything it takes to become the best candidate for top-paying jobs. So, join this platform to be a skilled and intelligent service provider in your field!